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Vrutti-Work Happy

Work happy.

Vrutti is a preschool resource planning software, that allows you to stop jumping and start sailing. We understand you have a lot to manage, Staffing, recruiting, onboarding, marketing, billing, training, communications, curriculum, assessments…..It can be overwhelming.

But we also know that calm waters run deep, And we know how deeply you care. You started this journey you care about children and teachers; their smiles, their discoveries, their hidden treasures and horizons.

Take our hand. We are the only preschool resource planning software that considers every current. Rough waters can run smooth. We are in this boat together.

Balanced Planning, Happy Learning.

Set Sail.

“The voyage begins early. And it begins with you. Take our hand. We’re in this boat together”


Vrutti Founder + Preschool Owner

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Our Team

When we row together, we thrive.

Selvei Rajkumar

Vrutti-Work Happy

Rathika Subramanian

Kumar Rajkumar

Selvei Rajkumar

Selvei Rajkumar

Balanced Planning, Happy Learning.

All thrive.

Your time is precious.
Get back to what you love.

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Vrutti-Work Happy

With Vrutti,
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